5 Best Pump Paintball Hoppers (2021)

I have been playing pump paintball since 2006 and have used a bunch of different hoppers for my open class pump paintball setups. I ran everything from stick feeds to full sized motorized hoppers in rec games all the way up to 24 hour scenario events.

But what are the best hoppers for pump paintball? After over 10 years of playing pump, here are my absolute favorites:

The criteria that I based how each hopper compared to the others were feed reliability, size, durability, price, and availability. There were many many more hoppers that I checked out, if you want to see the 15 gravity fed paintball hoppers I reviewed out click the link below to check them out:

GOG Multi Caliber Paintball Hopper

Capacity – 100 rounds
Weight – 4.5 oz
Average feed rate – 11.63 BPS (yes you read that correctly)
Durability – Very sturdy
Price – $10 to $15

If you just want to stop here and pick up this hopper, you won’t be disappointed in the slightest. The GOG Multi Caliber hopper is a feeding machine and is made very well. It has a nice sized lid for refilling the hopper, is priced very well, and is widely available.

The only thing you have to do when you get it is to remove the 50 cal feed adapter in the feedneck to shoot regular 68 cal paintballs. This is easy to do and can be done in less than 5 minutes by just unscrewing the screws, separating the two halves, removing the adapter, and reassemble.

You can pick one up for a great price on Amazon by clicking here: https://amzn.to/34H5RQG

APP Sight Feeder Paintball Hopper

Capacity – 50 rounds
Weight – 2.2 oz
Average feed rate – 4.82 BPS
Durability – Very sturdy
Price – $10 to $15

The APP Sight Feeder is my favorite pocket hopper currently available on the market. It has a wonderfully small profile, decent sized feel lid, affordable price, and is a super simple design!

My only gripe with it is how the lid assembly slips on and the ring can be a little loose. Not loose enough to fall of in the middle of the game but enough to be noticeable. You can just use some adhesive to hold it in place and it won’t go anywhere.

You can pick one up for a great price on Amazon by clicking here: https://amzn.to/2PXlEqo

Paintball DNA Goff Box Paintball Hopper

Capacity – 50 rounds
Weight – 3.2 oz
Average feed rate – 4.5 BPS
Durability – Very sturdy
Price – $35 to $50

The Geoff Boxes are very well thought out and designed hoppers. The slim design and sturdy feednecks are perfect for an active pump player constantly on the move. Plus they come in a bunch of different designs and colors!

They are 3D printed out of PETG, which is a great light weight alternative to ABS. It is sturdy and can take repeated paintball hits without suffering damage.

You can pick yours up at PaintballDNA.com

Winchester Pocket Paintball Hopper

Capacity – 50 rounds
Weight – 2 oz
Average feed rate – 5.61 BPS
Durability – Flimsy
Price – $35 to $55

This is a classic and iconic pump paintball hopper that is highly sought after. They feed really well for a pocket hopper, have a low profile design, and are customizeable to use different lid types, with the most popular version being the Dye Lock Lids.

The major downside to these are that they hopper walls are flexable, so if you take a direct hit to the hopper you might have some broken paint inside of it. Plus they can be easily damaged if you hit it on something sharp or jagged (note the small ding in the picture above on the front of the hopper).

You can only find these on the used market as they are long out of production and they are not cheap. Since everyone wants them, supply is very low and the price is pretty high.

Check out current availability on Ebay by clicking here.

Empire Splitter Paintball Hopper

Capacity – 160 rounds
Weight – 5.6 oz
Average feed rate – 9.09 BPS
Durability – Very sturdy
Price – $10 to $15

Some of you may just want a full sized hopper on your pump marker as you are playing a large scale game or just don’t want to reload. The Empire Splitter hopper is going to be your best full sized gravity hopper on the market as it feeds very well, is lower profile, and since it doesn’t hold a full 200 rounds it is lighter when full of paint.

Still, you are using a larger, bulkier hopper that can throw off the weight distribution if you are using a smaller tank on your pump. Plus, you won’t be taking full advantage of running a smaller profile setup that is common with most pump setups. It isn’t a bad choice if it is what you want, but it will more than get the job done!

You can pick one up for a great price on Amazon by clicking here: https://amzn.to/2p2iGWw


Florida based paintball player with 20 years of experience playing everything from recball to 24 hour scenario events.

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