The MAK – CCI Phantom Magfed Adapter Kit

The MAK Adapter

If the CCI Phantom wasn’t already one of the most versatile pump markers on the market, this magfed adapter will bring it to a whole new level!  The Magfed Adapter Kit (MAK) allows you to turn any stock class Phantom into a Magfed setup by removing the horizontal feed block and replacing it with the MAK adapter.

My friend Rainmaker and I designed the Phantom MAK adapter so you can use any TiPX compatible mag on your phantom!  Run with the 7 and 12 round Tippmann Mags or Zetamags while taking full advantage of the reliability, accuracy, and consistency of the Phantom.

The MAK adapter will fit on any Stock Class CCI Phantom Bodies including the ASP Roundhead Autococker threaded bodies. Just remove the stock horizontal feed block and install the adapter in its place. The adapter is not First Strike compatible as we couldn’t design a reliable way for the adapter to turn and feed the FS rounds into the breach without jamming or flipping. Still, this adapter is a great addition to the phantom so you can quickly and easily run a spring fed system on the marker!

If you wish to run the adapter so the mags feed from the front, it works best with undercocking kits but you can use standard pump handles that have the tops shaved down as well.  All the hardware to mount in either orientation is included, the longer screw is for standard feed, shorter screw is for reverse feed, and the setscrew is to plug the reverse feed hole so no paint or debris enters the breach.

The design benefits from some sort of detent system to prevent double feeds, so using ASP detents, CCI Ring Detents or a bore sized barrel kit will be ideal to make your experience even better.

Where to Purchase

After a few years of making the MAK, this product has been discontinued. I’m keeping this page up for identification purposes and to inspire others to make their own adapters.

Due to that this is my personal project, I am not willing to share or sell the design. It wasn’t designed to just be 3D printed and bolted to a phantom but requires additional hardware to install.

Review Video

For more of an in depth review, I made a video to show how the adapter functions and the benefits of either the right or left hand configurations.


Here is a quick rundown of the various features on the adapter, I made it as user friendly as possible while maintaining the robustness required for some intense gameplay:

  • Latch mag retention
  • Mags are easy to insert and remove
  • Low profile design
  • Reverse feed mounting
  • All hardware needed for standard and reverse feed
  • Picatinny Rail
  • Right and Left hand variants
  • ABS body
  • ABS latch
  • Comes with an extra ABS latch to keep this thing running for a long time.


Here are some pictures showing how they look mounted to your Phantom. I show both the right hand and left hand latch variant and have them shown mounted both in standard and reverse feed configurations.

Right Hand Configuration

MAK CCI Phantom Magfed adapter
MAK CCI Phantom Magfed adapter
MAK CCI Phantom Magfed adapter

Left Hand Configuration

MAK CCI Phantom Magfed adapter
MAK CCI Phantom Magfed adapter
MAK CCI Phantom Magfed adapter
MAK CCI Phantom Magfed adapter


Need some Mags?  Direct links to some TiPX mags and ZetaMags on Amazon below. I personally like to use the ZetaMags on the adapters, but all TiPX mags work with the MAK adapter.

7 Round TiPX Mags (2 pack) –
12 Round TiPX Mags (2 pack) –
Black Gen 3 ZetaMags (2 pack) –

You can sometimes find the Tan Gen 3 ZetaMags for a slightly cheaper price than the black versions on Amazon too!
Tan Gen 3 ZetaMags (2pack) –

Even better deals can be found on Ebay for used mags!
Click here to check prices on used 7 Round TiPX Mags.
Click here to check prices on used 12 round TiPX Mags.
Click here to check prices on used ZetaMags.

Gameplay Video

Of course, I couldn’t just release it to the world without running some paint through it and taking out some other players! This thing ran smooth all day and was a blast to use!

I primarily ran the adapter with ZetaMags and was super happy with how they performed. It was really easy to release the ball stack and was quick to flip the mags around when I needed to reload. The video shows the prototype version which functions in the exact same way as the MAK.


Florida based paintball player with 20 years of experience playing everything from recball to 24 hour scenario events.

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