PZ98 – Tippmann 98 Custom Horizontal Magfed Adapter

PZ98 Magfed Adapter

The PZ98 Adapter

Want a quick and easy to use magfed adapter for your Tippmann 98 Custom? Well so did I! I designed a latch based horizontal magfed adapter that will fit on any Tippmann that uses the standard 98 Custom feedneck like the Model 98, Alpha Black, and Project Salvo.

The PZ98 magfed adapter allows you to use any TiPX mag like the 7 round and 12 round mags as well as the popular ZetaMags.  Installation is simple as all you need to do is just remove your standard feedneck and slide the adapter in. Within seconds, you have yourself a neat little magfed setup and if you want to change back to hopper fed, can be swapped back just as fast.

For those of you with the newer 98 Custom Platinum, the adapters come with 2 10×32 set screws to replace the plastic plugs on the side for the RT and Cyclone systems.  Unfortunately, this adapter is not First Strike compatible nor can you run an RT system on the newer Platinum series as the banjo fitting will interfere with installing mags into the magwell.

Regardless of the PZ98 not being able to shoot First Strike rounds, it is a reliable and super easy to use adapter to get you into magfed paintball. The adapter is designed to be sturdy and take impact while not looking like a giant block on the side of your marker.

Where to Purchase

After 5 years of making the PZ98, this product has been discontinued. I’m keeping this page up for identification purposes and to inspire others to make their own adapters.

Due to that this is my personal project, I am not willing to share or sell the design. It wasn’t designed to just be 3D printed and bolted to a 98 custom but requires additional hardware to install.

Test Video

I made a Quick test fire video to show how it works, shooting 60 rounds through 3 ZetaMags.  This was shot through an older 98 Custom (non Platinum) with an RT system installed. Check it out!


Here is a quick rundown of the various features on the adapter, I made it as user friendly as possible while maintaining the robustness required for some intense gameplay:

  • Latch mag retention
  • Mags are easy to insert and remove
  • Works with all TiPX mags (7 round true feed, 12 round, and ZetaMags)
  • Low profile design
  • No assembly required, just remove your feedneck and replace with the adapter.
  • Tippmann Metal Feed Latch
  • Quick and easy removal just like the stock feedneck.
  • Internal feed is angled downward slightly to encourage positive feed.
  • Vent hole on top to help reduce blowback.
  • ABS 3D printed body
  • ABS 3D printed latch
  • Comes with an extra ABS latch to keep this thing running for a long time.
  • Including 2 10×32 set screws to replace the power tube plugs on the Platinum series 98 Customs.


Some pictures of the adapter by itself and installed with the different mags to show what it looks like.

PZ98 magfed adapter
PZ98 Tippman 98 Custom magfed adapter
PZ98 Tippman 98 Custom magfed adapter
PZ98 Tippman 98 Custom magfed adapter
PZ98 Tippman 98 Custom magfed adapter


Need some Mags?  Direct links to some TiPX mags and ZetaMags on Amazon below. I personally like to use the ZetaMags on the adapters, but all TiPX mags work with the PZ98.

7 Round TiPX Mags (2 pack) – https://amzn.to/301q4hE
12 Round TiPX Mags (2 pack) – https://amzn.to/2xq2BdS
Black Gen 3 ZetaMags (2 pack) – https://amzn.to/2LvnVHa

You can sometimes find the Tan Gen 3 ZetaMags for a slightly cheaper price than the black versions on Amazon too!
Tan Gen 3 ZetaMags (2pack) – https://amzn.to/306gdab

Even better deals can be found on Ebay for used mags!
Click here to check prices on used 7 Round TiPX Mags.
Click here to check prices on used 12 round TiPX Mags.
Click here to check prices on used ZetaMags.

Gameplay videos:

Of course, I couldn’t just release it to the world without running some paint through it and taking out some other players! This thing ran smooth all day and didn’t skip a beat!

I primarily ran the adapter with ZetaMags and was super happy with how they performed. It was easy enough to release the ball stack and was quick to flip the mags around when I needed to reload.


Florida based paintball player with 20 years of experience playing everything from recball to 24 hour scenario events.

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