The Drop10 – The BEST 10 Round Paintball Tube Speed Loader

If you have played stock class paintball and use 10 round tubes, I’m sure you have experienced the joys of filling dozens of stock class tubes by hand.  And if you play stock class during a 24-hour scenario event or pump tournament, you know first hand that it can take a good chunk of time to fill them all up.

Now there is an answer to your troubles!  My friend Rainmaker created and patented the Drop10 adapter to quickly reload your 10 round paintball tubes with your hopper! I can fill my tubes in seconds with little effort all day long!

The Drop10 is a patented speed loader for 10 round paintball tubes that attaches to your hopper and allows you to quickly and easily fill stock class 10 round paintball tubes. They attach to either regular gravity fed hoppers or motorized hoppers making them perfect for pump tournament players and sock class enthusiasts.

Where to Buy

Rainmaker’s Ebay Store

Drop 10 V2 Demo

Drop10 Video Review (V1)

I personally have several of these adapters and keep them with each pump to keep them on hand, that way I don’t forget to bring them with me to the field.  The Drop10 have saved me a bunch of time reloading my tubes, allowing me to quickly get back into the action. 

For me personally, they are even more beneficial as I also run a double barrel spring feed Phantom that just chews threw paint pretty dang quick.  To completely load up the marker it requires me to use 4 tubes in one go!

It is best to use the Drop10 with a non sound activated hopper like The JT Revolution, Dye Rotor, Empire Halo, or the Virtue Spire IR. Personally I have used it on the Revolution, Rotor, and Spire IR with great results.


Florida based paintball player with 20 years of experience playing everything from recball to 24 hour scenario events.

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